We share our experiences both in Turkey and abroad with the help of our expert staff and cooperation networks. We gain these experiences through our projects we carry out in cooperation with many national and international actors from design processes to monitoring and evaluation processes.

Program/Project Design

We provide consultancy services on the development of projects/programs in line with the 'International Humanitarian Program and Project Management' cycle by giving support to institutions in line with their multi-sector project/program development needs, aimed especially at vulnerable groups.

Project Management/Implementation

In the management and implementation of projects and programs developed for vulnerable groups, we provide support as an implementation partner or consultant at every stage that institutions need.

Monitoring & Evaluation

We provide consultancy services on the establishment and implementation of the monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for the projects that are being carried out or planned to be started. We also provide external monitoring and evaluation services within the scope of projects.

Sectoral Research and Reporting

We provide services together with sector experts, field experts and expert academics at all stages, from designing to reporting of specific sectoral research demanded in our areas of expertise.

Institutional Capacity Building Support

We are working to improve the capacities of institutions with the trainings we have developed in the field of humanitarian aid and disaster.

Corporate Philanthropy Consultancy

We provide consultancy to institutions that want to create philanthropy activities in the private sector or increase the quality of their existing activities, and we provide services in taxation and other strategy areas specific to donations.

Impact Investing and Corporate Social Responsibility Consultancy

We provide impact investment and corporate social responsibility consultancy services to institutions that are aware of social responsibility in the private sector and who want to develop themselves to be operable and innovative.

Fundraising Strategy Consultancy

We provide consultancy services in line with the demands of non-governmental organizations and foundations for more effective and efficient fundraising and management. Thanks to Kızılay's years of experience, we also provide expert support.