Our Story

Our Story

Kızılay Impact Investment was established in 2020 in order to provide sustainable resources for the humanitarian aid efforts of Kızılay and to generate solutions for its needs.

Our story begins with the question of how we can disseminate the knowledge and experience created by the human-oriented approach of Kızılay, which is a humanitarian aid sycamore that has been carrying out its works in Turkey and the world since 1868 for a more benevolent world…

In line with the principles and values of Kızılay, to which we are firmly committed, we practically develop with local, national and international collaborations and large-scale operations in the sector in which we operate. We aim to integrate our experiences, which we have blended with theoretical knowledge and practical field implementations, into the projects in the sector while also contributing financially to the humanitarian activities of Kızılay with the revenues we earn.

Kızılay Impact Investment

With its many years of experience and its auxiliary role to the Republic of Turkey, Kızılay aims to prevent and alleviate human suffering wherever it is and aims to protect life and health, to ensure respect for human beings, and to promote mutual understanding, friendship, cooperation and lasting peace among all peoples. (www.kizilay.org.tr )

In order to strengthen the domestic and international impact of Kızılay's activities, which are conducted in accordance with the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement's principles of Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity and Universality, to transfer the accumulated knowledge and to contribute to the sustainability of the Red Crescent activities, we founded Kızılay Impact Investment and Trade Inc. (Kızılay Etki ve Ticaret A.Ş.) in August 2020.

Understanding the needs of vulnerable groups, who are the final beneficiaries of consultancy projects, and implementing the right interventions are of great importance. Kızılay Impact and Trade Inc. was established with the purpose of filling this gap in the sector and realizing human-oriented, multi-stakeholder and multi-sector projects. We offer an exemplary structure in Turkey and in the world with the consultancy services we provide on humanitarian aid and community-based development, in which Kızılay is an expert.

We will continue to work in the international arena for the dissemination of human-oriented philanthropy in the long term, with the experience we have gained at all levels in cooperation with many different structures from public institutions and organizations to international organizations, from non-governmental organizations to the private sector.